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  1. John Hendrix

    Week 4 - Giants vs. Saints Live Thread

    Good morning Saints fans! Here's our Pregame Report for Week 4's matchup against the Giants. Will be heading to the Superdome soon enough, and I can't tell you how much I'm ready to see fans back. Like we've talked about previously, if you have any questions leading up until kickoff, interact...
  2. John Hendrix

    Week 3 - Saints vs. Patriots Live Thread

    Good morning all! Hope everyone is enjoying this fine Sunday. Here's our pregame report for today! Currently at Gillette Stadium and ready for this Saints-Patriots game.
  3. John Hendrix

    Week 2 - Saints vs. Panthers Live Thread

    There's going to be plenty to pay attention today, so be sure to keep up with Saints News Network! Here's a link to our Pregame Report.
  4. John Hendrix

    Week 1 - Packers vs. Saints Live Thread

    Keep up with all the Week 1 action between the Packers and Saints with our first live thread. We have included a Twitter list that includes all of our social media handles and updates. Kyle Mosley and I will be at the game in Jacksonville to provide live coverage. Here's our Pregame Report...